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About Allium Blue

Who are we?

Allium Blue is a wholesale distributor specialized in jewellery and fashion components for clients worldwide. We carry multiple brands, including Swarovski, Preciosa, PREMIUM Crystal, Strass, Stellux, MIYUKI, TOHO, and others at a very competitive price. You may browse our online catalogue for the latest products information and pricing. Items are manufactured, prepared, and shipped from their place of origin (eg. Austria for Swarovski products) to our dispatch hub in Hong Kong and forward to you by our shipping agents. For more information, please see Ordering Information and Shipping Information.

What makes us your better choice?

  • Since 2006, we have shipped over 100,000 packages of crystal to thousands of satisfied customers in 105 countries around the world.
  • We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by serving globally. Our focus is at where you want it to be, not where we are located.
  • We specialize in supplying parts to your destinated factories in China and South East Asia for further processing.

Talk to us!

We have a multinational operation structure and cannot always provide immediate accurate information from one single source, especially due to time zone differences. Therefore, we cannot provide phone support. Please direct all your questions through our contact form.

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