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Ordering Information

Wholesale Order (B2B)

If the items you desire are marked as wholesale, it may have a different distibution procedure than retail orders. Wholesale order is shipped according to availability at the warehouses and factories. We provide an estimated shipping date for all of the products on the website. If time is a concern, please feel free to contact us for stock status before you place an order. The quantity marked in-stock is subjected to prior sales and may not be 100% accurate.

Please note that while we have most of the popular items (such as article 5328, 2058) in stock, some other items may require special order from the factory and this may take from 1 to 4 weeks (may take even longer if the article is not currently under regular production). There maybe a delay exceeding the estimated shipping date, depending on many factors such as season, quantity, demands, etc. Production schedule at the Swarovski factory (and other manufacturers) is sometimes unpredictable and we do not control their production. Once an order is entered with the factory, any cancellation can only be refunded partially as the manufacturer will retain the deposits. There is also a mandatory queue for some items if you ever want to get your hands on them. Such items will never spend time "in stock" waiting for purchase. There are over 20,000 unique items, we cannot always keep every item in stock - even the Swarovski factory cannot keep up with the demands. Please understand that we do not provide urgent, rush, or any similar kind of service. However, you can be assured that we will do our best within our control to fulfil your order as soon as possible.

Retail Order (B2C)

These are usually popular items that we offer for sale in much less quantity than a wholesale package. If your order contain both wholesale and retail items, it will be considered as a wholesale order. Retail order is shipped according to availability as shown on the product page. If time is a concern, please select in-stock items only.

Production Order

Due to the large attribute combinations available, some items, especially Swarovski settings, are made-to-order. They typically take 2 to 6 weeks for production and may take longer than 6 weeks due to uncontrollable factors such as demands and seasons. Production lead date will only be provided by the Swarovski factory once a final order is submitted. Any change or cancellation is not possible for production orders once submitted. We will do our best on factors under our control to ensure your items are sent as soon as possible.

Order Methods

Online Catalogue
We recommend this fast and accurate method. The online catalogue has the most updated list of goods and discount pricing. We will check every online order carefully before confirming your order.

We also accept email order. Our email is available upon request. Please refer to the online catalogue for up-to-date pricing and items information. Please contact us through the form available here.

Tax and Duty

We do not collect sales tax for any government. Please be advised that you will be the importer of any items shipped from a foreign country. Similar to shopping locally, you will be responsible for any tax and/or duty (rare) that your country may apply on the goods upon entry. Nevertheless, many countries have tax exemption for packages below certain value.

Payment Methods

Credit Card
This is the fastest and most secured method. We can accept all major Credit Cards. We can usually start processing your order within 1 business day. Credit card payments are processed by Stripe and we do not keep any credit card data on our server.

Due to the unreliable dispute system PayPal has in place, we can only accept PayPal on orders up to $200.00USD.

Wired Transfer/Bank Transfer
We also accept wired transfer, also known as bank transfer or EFT. We'll supply you with our bank information if you select this option. Transfer could either be in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Euro, and dozen of other major currencies. It usually take 2 to 3 business days for payment to clear. We have bank accounts in the US, Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong for domestic and international transfer.

Returns and Exchanges

As a wholesale distributor, we basically do not accept returns.

In some special case, we can accept return on qualified items that have been shipped to you within 10 days. Please contact us for a Return Authorization before you ship the items back. In order to remain 100% confident on the goods we sell are genuine items, we can only accept returns on unopen and unaltered factory package. Therefore, we cannot accept return on retail quantity items and made-to-order items (eg. all Swarovski settings). If you are uncertain on the color, size, or shape, please make a sample retail order first (where available). Please package the items carefully, as we cannot credit items damaged during transit.

In order to keep your cost low, we will not pass the costs associated with returns from other customers onto you. There will be a 50% restocking fee for refund and 35% restocking fee for exchange (as credit on new order). Shipping and handling is not refundable. All discounts applied on the order will be revoked. Any opened or altered factory pacakge sent back to us will be discarded without credit with no exception.

Most wholesalers, including our suppliers and factories, do not accept any type of return unless it is a quality issue. Thus, returned goods are usually eventually disposed. We are at a loss even with the re-stocking fee and unfortunately some customers want us to take the full loss when they have made a mistake, which regrettably we are unable to entertain. Thank you for your understanding.

If we have made an error in shipping, we must ask you to please send us back the wrong item(s) first to confirm the mistake. Meanwhile, we will re-prepare your order and ship it as soon as the wrong items are returned. If the error is made by us, standard registered parcel shipping fee will be credited. Any return should be shipped securely as you will be responsible for any accidental loss.


Once an order is finalized, it cannot be modified or cancelled. So please be careful when you are placing your finalized order. If under certain circumstances your cancellation is authorized, we can only issue a partial refund of 50%. We cannot cancel items already on order with manufacturers like Swarovski. And subsequently, they will retain all of the deposit that we have submitted for you to secure your items. Please be reminded all orders are final and bound to a sales contract.