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Swarovski 9030/003 Chaton Sieve for PP 0 – PP 1

Model Group: SW9030/003
System Number: 5175442
Manufactured by: SWAROVSKI

  • This Chaton Sieve is the third of its kind offered by Swarovski. Providing a surface with small cavities, the sieve is an application aid perfectly matched to Swarovski’s smallest Chatons (size PP 0 and PP 1). Light and handy, the sieve facilitates the application process by bringing the Chatons into the necessary starting position and is therefore the ideal choice for application techniques like gluing and working with Ceralun™.

    Key Features:
  • ƒƒAllows easy handling of Chatons when arranging them for the application process
  • ƒƒPerfect aid for gluing and for working with Ceralun™
  • ƒƒThe cavity size fits Swarovski’s smallest Chatons (size PP 0 and PP 1)
  • ƒƒLight but solid material (polyurethane)
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