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Swarovski® Created Diamonds

Swarovski Lab-Created Diamonds conjure an emerging realm of consciously crafted luxury, reimagining the laws of nature through the latest next-generation technology. Our innovative craftsmanship and creative vision underscore our commitment to producing the most inspiring diamonds on the market. We believe that our lab-grown diamonds are, quite simply, the diamonds of the future.

Just as a greenhouse-grown orchid is identical to one found in the wild, a Swarovski Created Diamond faithfully reflects the natural processes that occur in the formation of mined diamonds. Under laboratory conditions, a tiny diamond seed is nurtured in an environment rich with carbon atoms. After being put through a process that breaks down its molecular bonds, the pure carbon begins to stick to the seed and a new diamond is formed, layer by layer. Upon completion of this process, the lab-grown diamond is precision-cut by expert master cutters.

All Swarovski Created Diamonds are screened in-house by our gemologists to ensure that they are lab-grown. Since laboratory and mined diamonds are chemically and physically identical, man-made diamonds can only be distinguished from mined diamonds with sophisticated lab equipment. All Swarovski Lab-Created Diamonds sized 0.10 ct/3 mm and larger are laser-engraved with the mark: "SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND.” This mark is visible only under a microscope, and clearly identifies our diamonds as man-made.