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Swarovski® STRASS®

Swarovski has discontinued all STRASS® items. Only remaining stock is being sold.

The Swarovski STRASS® Lighting assortment consists of components ranging from classic to contemporary shapes, including highly complex cuts.

Swarovski offers crystals of the highest quality, precision and clarity, ensuring the easy application of any design with unrivaled durability. Also making up the assortment is a vast range of shapes in a full spectrum of inspiring colors and myriad tantalizing effects. It’s a premium brand solution whose benefits guarantee that products “Made with crystals from Swarovski” are always exceptional.

The collection offers a broad choice of shapes in sparkling and inspiring colors and various tantalizing effects.

To provide the assurance of original quality, Swarovski Lighting components* carry the permanent, laser-engraved Quality Signature. Please note that for design reasons or technical limitations the Quality Signature is not included on certain components. (* Clear crystal 12 mm and above, colored crystal 18 mm and above. No signature with the colors Arctic White, Bordeaux, Jet and Emerald. Notice: A red dot on the product drawings indicates the position of the laser-engraved Quality Signature.)

8558 - Ball
MM 20, 30, 40, 50

8805 - Leaf

8811 - Snowflake
MM 20, 25

8815 - Star
MM 20, 28, 40

8816 - Moon
MM 20, 30

8817 - Shell
MM 28

8818 - Starfish
MM 28, 40